Wicklow 200Km canceled

Hello all,
My Wicklow 200Km canceled so my hard work now I feel extremely demoralised.
Just finishing tomorrow my 18 weeks SS training and 4 weeks to the day the Wicklow200 postponed to 2022.

Even tomorrow’s FTP feels a drag now. Not in the mood even to completed.
Can anyone suggest what should be next from the training point if you or just let it be until next year? That is the only route I ever train.

Many thanks


That stinks, sorry to hear it.

For me at the moment the steady FTP gains are motivation enough, and knowing if I do the whole Fascat cycle starting in the fall I should be pretty strong come next year’s events.

If that is not enough for you, I would say to get onto your next plan - SS4 perhaps - and dive into it expecting that there will be events later in the summer or fall as things open up.


Hey Lucsi!
Bummed for you… this has been happening to many athletes though, so I can promise you that you are not alone :orange_heart:

My best advice (depending on your time frame) would be to do SS part 4 followed by the Strava PR plan or just the Strava PR plan. That will increase your power numbers even higher and you’ll see all the hard work you have been putting in by setting some new times on your favorite local strava segments!