No Racing in 2021

Thinking and planning way in advance here.

So as per the title there are potentially no races due for 2021, most of the Summer Races here have been cancelled already with the 2nd Wave of COVID rocking us, so racing possibly resumes in September (spring) again. Can any of the coaches recommend a plan of action to help increase my FTP.
I’ve had a 2 week break, literally just completed the “3week Fall Foundation Plan”. Started the Resistance Training Plan today. Will follow that up with SS3 & SS4 & Phil KOM Strava Plan <15mins.
So since my objective would be to increase FTP, my questions are what do I follow this up with & when ideally would the next 2 week season break be, 7th September is when the Phil KOM plan ends. TIA

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Hey @malcolm.isaacs,
Sorry to hear about your races getting canceled this summer, I think we can all relate to knowing how much of a bummer that is.

What I would recommend for you to do is to go with the plan you are on right now (e.g. resistance training followed by sweet spotting) and then do hill climbing intervals followed by Phils KOM plan. That will take you through mid October. From there you can take your 2 week break and then jump into the fall foundations plan again at the beginning of November.

If you need to add in more time before starting off season training in november, you could consider doing SS part 2 before SSP3.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thanks @Lacey_Rivette , yes that does help. So just to confirm given that the last 6 weeks of my particular Resistance plan (16 weeks) is SS2, do I just copy & repeat that before going on to SS3? So I’ll basically be doing 12 weeks of SS2, minus the regeneration weeks?