Repeat 18 Weeks of Sweet Spot

I finished your 18 week SS plan on April 12. Great plan that kept me focused & motivated through the winter. The idea was to follow with an unstructured week of riding by feel & then do the 6 week Steamboat plan leading up to the DK200 in May. With the DK postponement I intended to do your COVID plan. With the better weather now I’ve switched to repeating your 18 week plan starting with Week 6. Next will be your Steamboat plan & DK in September.

Seems doable & I’m building a bigger base. Seems consistent with what you’ve been recommending in the forum. Am I on the right path?

Sorta kinda maybe @samueltobias - that’s a big picture question that would require a data driven answer.

Post your PMC from the last 20 weeks and the projected PMC with your proposed plans all the way thru the DK - share that graph here and that’ll give us a much better answer than, ‘yea those plans seem right’


Coach Frank,
Here it is. If gravel races start coming back, I hope to do a few before September, but I have not included any on my TP calendar at this point. I will do all the race simulations and likely travel in the state to areas in WI of all gravel roads for the best simulation effect. Thanks in advance for taking a look.

Hoping to ride The 10,000 on 5/24, a 100 mile/10,000 vertical gravel race. Also Gravel Worlds on 8/22, 150 miles of gravel. Not much else out there right now.

Looks good - you may want to do a custom edit for a bigger build mid- June to hit 100 (?? - if you were feeling good , aka recovering) and then plan out a taper for the 2 weeks prior to you first big A race.

Other than that s o l i d.

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Thank you, Coach. The drop in CTL in June had me scratching my head. #ftfp kept ringing in my head. :wink: Thank you for the pro advice. Looking forward to making a few June tweaks & the 6-week race plan. Here’s to having a 2020 DK. :beers:

Not sure if that CTL drop is related to this, but wanted to mention something.

Take a look at the Sunday rides on week 13 and week 14, the 18 week plan I have will always set those to zero TSS when applying to calendar. Some more info here:

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Thanks! That helped. I did make adjustments for this the first time through the 18 week plan. Forgot about the glitches. :ok_hand:t4: