52 Weeks for Unbound Gravel 200…what to do?

Hey guys,

So I had gained entry to this year’s 2021 UB Gravel 200 and deferred to the 2022 race. As a seasoned FasCat follower, I’ve completed 18 weeks of SS, SSP4, Intervals for Criteriums, Intervals for RR, and the 10 week resistance training plans.

I have giant aspirations to finish sub-12 hours and finish within the Top 20. Obviously the aerobic engine is going to be the key to this plan, but 52 weeks is a lot of time to get lost in doing something unproductive.

I’m set on is fitting lifting into my weekly routine all the way through next June. Outside of this, I realize I’ll need to do a lot of Sweet Spot, Big TSS rides, multiple weekends of double centuries (many on gravel), and a healthy amount of threshold.

Are there any cues I should follow in trying to use my FasCat library to plan out this much training?

Have any other FasCat’s had a successful DK/UB200 following a certain plan sequence with plans they already own?

Is this a situation where I can utilize the $40 coaching subscription to manipulate TSS/hours of my plans as opposed to having a full-time coach?

That is one of those big hairy goals that having a 1x1 coach would be greatly beneficial for!

I am not going to pretend to be an expert on the topic (yet, haha) but will throw out a couple of tidbits for thought. As someone that has been on a plan, subscription, and now 1x1 coaching. I will include my experience so far.

I started on a plan, already riding pretty strong, with an FTP of 297W, partway through the 18 Weeks of Sweet Spot bought the coaching subscription (definitely a step in the right direction); ended the 18 Weeks of SS with an FTP of 314W (absolutely works); went on to the Gravel Plan with a subscription before my first ‘B’ race and put up some good numbers.

Where my rambling was headed… right before this race I signed up for 1x1 coaching with @Isaiah and am in my first block. The individual touch of having a coach is super cool! I am really excited about the customized training plan and being able to talk through the areas of focus and seeing them hit TP in an individualized approach for me. Now we are not only targeting a zone but specific ends of a zone with areas that play to my strength and areas to target what I need most. I am really excited about this block and have zero regrets about pulling the trigger to go 1x1.

Best of luck on whatever you decide, but strongly consider hiring a coach for a big goal like that!

Warmest regards,
Tim C


^^^^ and for the training plan route:

32 week off season
Sweet spot part 4
Gravel plan

That’s 44 weeks which leaves 8 weeks to play around with this summer - begin this plan progression in 6 weeks or so and then follow it in that order.

Maybe 1 more gravel event this summer for experience?!

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