What Next? Looking to next year

So my Sweetspot 4 plan is drawing to an end , really enjoyable by the way and thoroughly recommend.

So i am away for a week a month so buying a plan has to take this into account.

Hope fully , the only sportive i have isn’t cancelled after 20th October, so , i would like to buy a pre season plan the 32 week one is way too long for me given my situation above. So , would the 16week give me roughly the same training as this to build up for next year as i’m doing a Haute Route type event next June.


Would be interested to see what @FRANK would suggest, but my best advice would be to do the 16 weeks followed by SS part 3 or hill climbing intervals and then the haute route plan! That way you build up your base but prime the engine for the event with some race specific intervals.

Also, given that you are gone 1 week of the month I would also suggest purchasing the monthly coaching subscription ($39) to allow the coaches to make adjustments to your plan as you need since the plan will likely not line up perfectly with your schedule. That way you are set up to #FtFP like a champ :ok_hand:t3:

Hope that helps!

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Many thanks for the reply Lacey, I have purchased the monthly plan.