Which Plan To Start with

Hello. So I am a little lost in where to start with a training plan.

I am not new to cycling but new to serious training and while other platforms seem to have somewhat fair structured workout plans, nothing to me seems dedicated enough for one specific reason or goal. I tend to lose interest because I am not confident that those platforms are accurate in what I need. I am currently working to become structured and stronger - to set a platform that I can build on for future events / races.

Which plan should I start with? From there, I hope to be able to determine my next steps, whether with a different plan or a coach.

Thank you!

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I started with the 16 week sweet spot to set a solid base for my race plan later. Also recommended a buddy the same thing and he’s just getting going.


Hi @kenwelty2 ! I see that you started with our six weeks ‘to the sweet spot plan’ part 1 - wise choice : that’s our very first sweet spot plan and EXACTLY what I would have recommended.

Good luck with your training and sweet spottin; and remember to work hard, ride fast, HAVE FUN and as always #FtFP :rocket::muscle:

Let us know here or our Facebook Group if you have any questions along the way

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Perfect, thank you! One final question… I have connected my training peaks and Zwift accounts, however I do not see the structured workouts in the training options on Zwift. I think I read once that they will not show up until the day of the workout. Is this indeed the case?

Looking forward to FTFP!

That’s what I’ve experienced. Day of your workout in in Zwift workouts under Training Peaks

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