Which plan to pick after 16wks Sweet spot

hey all,

Just in the last 2 weeks of the 16 weeks of Sweet Spot plan. Been enjoying the workouts so far, and just checking in for a bit of advice what to do next.
I’m thinking to do the 6 weeks climbing intervals.

I don’t have a specific race or event I’m training for - just looking to get ‘better’ for the summer, and keep up with my mates! Climbing is always something I’ve struggled with, so a dedicated plan seems a good option.
I’ll probably be doing most of the workouts on Zwift (I’ve done all of this plan on Zwift so far) and was wondering what the basic level weekend workouts look like? I see in the plan images the intermediate is group ride and then intervals.
Once we get later into March and the clocks change I’m hoping to get outside a bit more to ride, so having sessions I can do as part of a group ride would be nice - our club only rides on a Sunday so would depend if any of the free rides fall on Sundays.

Should I go right into the next plan, or take a week off? Is there a ‘recovery’ week in that 6 week plan, the same as the sweet spot one? I have a week in March where I will be away for a few days, so if I can line that up with a recovery week if there is one, that would be nice.

Cheers in advance.

You can go right into the next plan and omit the field test since it will be redundant to the plan you just finished. Our climbing plan is one of our best especially for working on your threshold power which is handy to riding uphill :wink:

Have fun, work hard, and remember to FtFP :muscle: