FTFP ish w/a hiccup

I started off SS 1 perfectly, made it to rest week and re opened my cafe during my rest week with an 8 whoop recovery score. Got back on track by moving workouts around and re tested. April 21 ftp 218, June 5 ftp 239. I’m 50 and am happy with the progress of my first structured plan. I have 15 weeks until a 100mi gravel race. I’m looking at going into SS 2, then the Gravel plan. Sound good?

I did notice after shifting some workouts they did not show up in Zwift. Is that because the plan was technically over? Thanks

Coming off sweet spot 1, going into sweet spot 2 and then the gravel plan is a good plan! Congrats on your improvements so far!

Zwift only shows the current workout for a particular day. So if there is no workout showing that day in TrainingPeaks then it will not show in Zwift. Not sure if that happens answer your question or not.