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Hello Fascat Team

Quick run down, I’ve been cycling since 2018, and bought tacx neo towards end of 2018, since then doing plans on zwift and copying bits and bobs from books and cycling routes around my area, my ftp is 240, my age is 43, weight 172lbs height 178cm and from london UK.

I bought a giant propel advanced 1 disc 2019 model few months ago which changed my concept of cycling.

So i came across fascat coaching training which impressed me alot and have been trying to decide what type of cycling i enjoy, its taken me a while to be honest but then realised i need to first get a training plan for winter months and look forward to next years goals.

After long thought, ive decide i mainly just like going fast generally try to keep up with other cyclist around me or beat them and seeing if i can get nearer to the KOM, time trials interest me alot to, i get bored easily and just like to hit training/cycling hard and fast asap and not sit in saddle for hours on end crunching the miles.

My question is what training plan would you recommend for this coming winter months ie october onwards for the above goals and to prepared me for more training plans for next year which I’m interested in the Strava KOM and others you recommend.

Hope to here from you soon

chris kent

Hi Chris! Thanks for reaching out and I’m glad you discovered us. Sweet Spot Part 2 now while there’s summer left is the first plan that comes to mind:

Then this off season, get into our 32 week off season training that includes weights for cyclists and a full 18 weeks of sweet spot base:

Good luck FtFP’ing :slight_smile:

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Hi Fascat Team

Thought id carry on from last post of my training.

Im currently doing the 32 week off season training and have completed the weight training and now onto the sweet spot part 1, im now on the second week and see ive a FTP test in 6 weeks time.

My question is ive been reading on zwift post about doing ftp test and suggests 0-10mins 90%(of current ftp) , 10-15mins 95% and 15-20mins empty the tank.

Is the question above correct or incorrect?

many thanks


Hi Chris

That’s just another way of doing an FTP test. That method is popular with those using WKO5 which is advance training software. It helps the models predict a more accurate FTP. Not more or less accurate than a standard FTP test just in that it helps the model. The model needs a complete power profile so that would include doing short full gas efforts as well.

In your training plan you will find a 20 minute full gas effort. This is what we use and find that it works the best. It’s closer to real world output as opposed to an 8 minute test or the ramp test you’ll hear about.