Training for June/July "A" events, advice on specific plans to incorporate?

Greetings! I am looking to make 2022 a big year, personally, on the bike for me. That means climbing and doing two very specific rides: Climb to Kaiser and Death Ride. I completed C2K in 2014 but will be first time doing DR. I have built up a decent base this winter but have not followed any plans - I’ve always free-wheeled my way :slight_smile: I’d like to try focused training this year and am wondering what the best route to go would be?

For clarity, C2K is 6/18 and DR is 7/16. I would also like to fit in a ride in April (125mi/8k) as a barometer which is 4/24. My goal is not drag my ass to the finish of these rides but to finish strong. I’m 42 with an FTP of 2.7w/kg. I currently get in 8 hours/wk, including commutes to work. This could be pushed to 10.

I have already purchased SS1(basic) and Climbing Intervals. My thought is to start a 6 week SS plan and then do the Climbing Intervals plan putting me right at the April ride? After that, I would have 8 weeks to fill (Climbing Intervals or SS?) Either that or do two 6 week blocks of SS into April ride then Climbing Intervals after. I’m not too worried about the climbing with the April ride (done it previously).

Thanks for any feedback/tips/info! Cheers!

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Hi @mRdubb - those are both beasts!

Best to sweet spot as much as possible and as noted, do your climbing intervals too.

I would consider sweet spot parts 2, 3, & 4 after your # 1

You can find all those bundled in our new 16 week of sweet spot plan here:

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Thanks for the reply, Frank! I did go ahead and buy the 16 week intermediate plan and will be starting that tomorrow. Then I’ll roll right into the Climbing Intervals intermediate. I appreciate your input and thanks for all you do!