Which plan to fill the gap?

I am doing the haute route Pyrenees in July and am currently doing the 16 week sweet spot plan. If I do the HR plan to end right before the event I’ll have a 4 week gap. What do you recommend I fill that with? Thanks.


We actually have a Haute Route plan! It’s 6 weeks long so you could end your current plan 2 weeks early and start the Haute Route plan 6 weeks out from your event.

See here: Haute Route – FasCat Coaching

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And in addition to what Coach Andrew said, we have a 2 week taper plan to take you into the haute route, peaking!


Just a heads up @FRANK , the taper plans are not in the app (at least as of today). I had sent in a question about this last week.

yes but we can still share them with you from TrainingPeaks

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I only mention that because if someone goes to the app and searches for “taper” they will not find it. Just hit the support button in the app and ask for it. :slight_smile: