Haute Route Dolomites

So, I have decided to tackle the Haute Route Dolomites in 2022. The route has 44,000 ft of climbing over 5 days and need some Training Plan recommendations. I have used the 10 week resistance training and 18 weeks of SS plans the past couple of years and they are awesome. I plan to do these for my Haute Route training but since the event isn’t until late August I feel like I need to add one of the interval specific plans for the last month or so (leaving some time for a taper) before the event begins. so the question I have is A) which interval plan would be the best after the SS portion or B) Do you have a recommended order of plans I should purchase/use to complete a 5 day HR event like this? Thanks in advance for your help! Maybe you could sell a HR Dolomite Plan? :rofl:

Hi there @PowerHungry - you definitely should switch from base to race and do our climbing intervals - after your weights and sweet spots.

We actually updated those plans recently to give you more time to get thru them and then move onto your climbing intervals.

We also have a Haute-Route plan :100:

Thank you @FRANK as that is very helpful. I will take a look at the climbing interval plan right now. My biggest concern with matching the plans and being prepared is the total training volume needed do well at the event. At 55 I have recovered well on the intermediate plans but the advanced would probably be too much. Thanks again!

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Thanks again @FRANK for the above recommendations. Could you clarify one item for me. Assuming I plan my training out the right way I would do the Fascat plans in order 1)10 week off-season weight training 2)18 week SS Base Program, and 3) either the 6 week Climbing Interval Plan or the Haute Route plan. I have the first two but need to purchase one of the plans under #3. My question is which one would you pick given its a 5 day event (maybe that doesn’t matter)? As always thank you for your help!

Hey @PowerHungry,
Currently you have 43 weeks until you start the Haute route. With that said the ideal line up would be to do the following:
10 weeks weight lifting
18 weeks of sweet spot
6 weeks climbing intervals (will prep you for the insane amount of climbing)
rest week
6 weeks haute route plan (ends with a taper into the event)
That will be 41 weeks worth of training allowing you a little wiggle room in case life happens.


Great thank you for the clarification. I will complete step one and two since I already have the plans and then grab the other plans when I get there. Thanks again!