Trip to the Pyrenees after SS & Haute plans

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Im doing the SS 18 week plan at the moment and will follow up with the Haute 6 week plan as I am going on a 5 day Pyrenees trip next June. I live in Gibraltar, near Southern Spain so plan to ride the hills round my areas during the last weeks before my trip, so will probably try do two weekend long hilly rides plus one weekday if possible. When would you suggest I finish the Haute Plan, or you reckon I should combine it with my weekend rides.

So the Haute Route plan has a built in taper into the first day of the event. So the plan has the event starting on a Saturday.

So basically you would be best to have the last week of the Haute Route plan line up with the start of your Pyrenees trip.

Don’t forget to lift weights @Rockdel spend 10 weeks lifting thennnnn the 18 weeks of sweet spot and haute route plan


Hi Frank, I am considering starting the strength training programme, followed by the 18 wk sweetspot which i already purchased then the le haute. I wanna be ready by June for my trip.

Seeing that the winter really kicks off in Dec here, can I start the strength training and still go out on weekend rides or u recommend just forgetting riding outdoors for 10 weeks and just concentrating on strength.

Once you get past the Hypertrophy phase in week 6 of the 10 weeks lifting, the plan will actually have you riding outside on the weekends so yes - go for it!

You’ll be riding outside on the weekends in weeks 1 -5 too just not that long or hard - mostly in zone 2

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I got the strength plan and gonna start Monday, have a bench gymn at home so can do the three basic exercises of squat, leg press and curls, however cant do the secret training as have none of this equipment, any suggestions?