Building up for Tour deSkyline in May

Hi All-
I’m doing Tour de Skyline which is back to back century’s each with about 10k of climbing on May 8 & 9.

There’s 18 weeks from January 1st until the event. I’ve already done some weight training this winter and am wondering if three rounds of “six weeks to sweet spot” is the best way forward, or if the third block of six weeks should be interval based. Other suggestions?

FWIW, I’ll do a few gravel events leading up to TdS, but nothing I’m looking to peak for.


Hi @aaronfrank - exactly, don’t neglect your high end threshold climbing power by limiting yourself to just sweet spot.

Do our Hill Climbing Intervals plan:

Sweet Spot as much as you can before that, driving your CTL up as HIGH as possible. I recommend sweet spot parts 2 & 3 to do that.

Thanks Frank! I own the 6 weeks to SS, part1-Intermediate plan, as well as Phil’s hill climb plan. (long hills version.) I also have the 32 week winter plan.

I’ll see how I can use these as a basis, and may buy the SS, part3 plan to round out my collection.

I would do 2 rounds of Sweet Spot with sweet spot 1 and 2. Though I would recommend just going ahead and getting the 18 weeks of sweet spot as it is the best value. Just after you complete week 12 roll into the next 6 week plan.

For the last 6 weeks I would recommend the Haute Route Plan this was a 3 day event with the first two days hilly 100 mile rides basically. So this would give you some longer weekends and preparing for the back to back hard days.