Which off-season weight program?

Hey Coaches!

Trying to decide between At Home Weight Lifting (12 weeks) or Weight Lifting for Cycling (10 weeks).
Some considerations:

  1. I have a Bowflex full-body machine and a Balance Board that I like to maximize.
  2. I can’t afford fancy Nino equipment or it’s unavailable in US.
  3. Lastly, both programs are $49. At Home gives me 2 add’l. weeks over Weight Lifting’s 10 week duration. Bigger bang for buck, no?


The extra two weeks in the at home plan are to account for the fact that you will not be lifting as heavy as you would in the gym. Without a doubt the traditional 10 week plan is the best bang for your buck (more gains in less time).

Also for the at home plan you will need a squat rack, kettle bells and a VIPr tube. So if you cannot acquire those, that is even more of a reason to opt for the 10 week plan :slightly_smiling_face:

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