10 Week Weight Training Questions

Hi, I’m about to start the 10 week weight training from the 32-week off season plan. I have two questions after reading the PDF regarding the details of the gym workout.

  1. Am I supposed to do the lifts circuit style? Meaning squat → leg press → leg curl and then go back to repeat for sets 2,3, etc.?

  2. It says to work on sit-ups and back extensions between each lift. Does that mean after each squat / leg-press / leg curl I would be doing 25 sit-ups and 15 back extensions? I ask because that sounds like a lot of sit-ups and back extensions.

Thanks in advance for clarification!

Hey there!

Do all your squats at once with proper rest between each set, then move onto leg press… and so on.

The sit ups and back extensions can be completed in between workouts- do all of your squat sets then do the core work before moving onto the next exercise. Cyclist need a strong core!

Hope that helps!
-Coach Allie

@Allie thanks. Sounds good. Thanks for making that clear :slight_smile:


Hey coach @Allie - when completing the weights and moving onto 18weeks of sweet spot, should I have a rest week in between or go straight into the sweet spot? Thanks in advance, Phil

You can take a rest week/ ride easy! The get back to it!

Ok thanks so much :slight_smile:


Is there many difference between the new and old 10 week plan? I have the 10 week advanced plan and followed it last year so…Do I need the new plan?