3 week Foundation and 10 week resistance plan, with no gym access

Hi ,I purchased 3wk foundation, 10 weak resistance and 18wk SS, but this year gym access is limited and I remember hearing something about modifying the exercise to fit a home gym setup, where do i find these modifications to leg presses curls etc ?

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Hi @dubovdds - it is in our at Home Weight Lifting plan:

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I love the idea of the at HOME Weight Lifting Plan, but I don’t have the budget for a squat rack and weights. With COVID, I’m not going to a gym (and am not sure how long they will be open). Is there a plan that’s more bodyweight specific or has a smaller equipment budget? I’m finishing up the 6 Weeks Til Cyclocross Program and loving it. I would like to do an off season plan, but I want to make sure I get one that I have the equipment to do.

Hey rodger! the squat rack can be made for $50 bucks. We have a thread on it here:

The ViPR tube will be the biggest investment, but is something you can use year round. All together, you will likely spend less on all the things you need to execute the At home weight lifting plan than you would for a yearly gym membership.

If that is still not feasible, I would recommend doing the foundations plan followed by the 18 weeks of sweet spot and sweet spot part 4. While doing that, focusing on doing the ninos circuit training and the revo exercises.

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Thanks! I’ve seen the squat rack. It’s the weights and barbell that look like the bigger cost. How do you decide what weight ViPR to choose?

I saw in another post 6KG VIPER was suggested a 12kg as well if possible.