16 week Weights + base or 18 weeks of sweet spot?

Hi All,
Just after some advice.
I’m a time crunched cyclist and want to make the most of the off season.
Would you recommend the 16 wk weights and base programme or 18 weeks of sweet spot? I have a squat rack at home and some Kbs so equipment not an issue during lockdown.
Just wondering if there was a benefit in choosing one programme over the other.
Enjoying the podcasts!

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I would do the weights and base program! So many benefits to doing strength training. But some of this depends on when your first goal or race of the year is. You would want to have 22 - 28 weeks before your first goal event before starting the resistance training. This gives you time to do the 10 week strength training, 6 - 12 weeks of sweet spot training (base), and 6 weeks of race specific interval training.

If you have that time I would do the weights and base. Then you can add on sweet spot part 3 to the end of that. Of course the most cost effective might be just do the offseason plan. Then you would have the 10 week resistance training, 18 weeks of sweet spot (Sweet spot 1, 2 and 3) plus the fall foundation plan.

Another thought though is since you would be doing your strength training at home you might want to snag our at home resistance training program and then add on sweet spot 2 and 3 after.

Thanks for the reply Jake. 25 weeks to my first event so still have time to get some weight training in :+1: