At HOME Weight Lifting Plan 💥

FasCat Coalition!

The at HOME weight lifting plan is LIVE here:

This plan is meant to be a plan B if you cannot goto a gym safely this ON season with COVID-19.

You will still need a squat rack and additionally a ViPR tube and two kettlebells (one heavy, one light)

Because it is a home and not as intense as the 10 week in the gym plan I have designed 12 weeks to get the physiological adaptations we want. There is at least one hour of zone 2 riding each day you goto the gym.

The assumption is you can warm up for 30 minutes in zone 2 indoors, get off your bike, take off your bike shoes and begin your lifting that will only take 20-40 minutes and then get back on the bike for a 30 minute zone 2 cool down. Very time efficient.


Woohoo!!! Brilliant!!

Super timely!
I have bought the “Standard” Advanced weight lifting plan last week which I was planning to start this week - would you be able to swap it for the “At home” one?
Many thanks!

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Great plan thank you. Roughly what weight Vipr tube would you recommend for a 62kg cyclist?!

Is there an option get the at home lifting plan when you buy the "Of Season Resistance Training + Sweet Spot Base” plan, or do you have to buy the at home lifting plan separately? Or is buying the 3-Week Foundation Plan, the 10-Week At Home Weight Lifting Plan, and the 18 Week Sweet Spot Plan basically the same thing?

Not at this time sorry. They are not 1 for 1 in the training load or duration (12 weeks v 10 weeks).

You own these plans forever and will eventually be able to goto the gym (:crossed_fingers:)

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Without giving away your intellectual property of course, can you give us a taste for what types of exercises are in the plan? I need a little more information to decide whether to buy the new plan or muddle through with a slightly modified version of the gym plan.

Not at all, its a good question: From the product description @scottpatterson

" You will need a squat rack, a ViPR tube and 2 kettlebells (one heavy and one light) at home to complete this program."

There is a 2 week example calendar on the product page and you can goto youTube to see example kettlebell swings and ViPR movements - we provide videos of 3 ViPR tube moverments and 1 kettlebell swing

They are:
the Lunge Over Shoulder
Lateral Side Lunge
Back Lunge

Any recommendations on the weight of the ViPR Tube?

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4 kg - go light bc its more about the movement than the amount of weight. If you have the ability to buy a second ViPR, buy an @ 8kg one to use for the Hypertrophy and Strength phase

So 4kg during the Adaptation and Power phases and then 8kg for the Hypertrophy and Strength phases


I started the first week of adaptation. So far so good. Curious about CTL declines while on the 12-week at home plan.

Today I sit at a CTL of 55. 12 weeks from now my modeled CTL will have dropped to 39.

This is to be expected, correct? No reason to be increasing CTL during a strength training phase? Then it’s sweet spot up the wazoo to drive it back up.

Correct - give a listen to our At HOME podcast especially 17 minutes in where I reference CTL


I just purchased the At Home Weight Lifting plan. 43-y old Century rider. Hopefully this new approach of off-season strength will give me some extra boost in 2021 ;-).

Should I incorporate extra base miles or not during these 12 weeks? Because this period is normally a period where we would do some Z2 endurance…Because if I skip these a little, would my aerobic engine not fall down too much?

Hiya @Stino77 - thanks for getting our out at HOME plan. Good q:

Your at home routine has an hour of zone 2 riding baked into each lifting workout : 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after. That adds up to some quality aerobic endurance training over the course of each week AND over the 12 weeks.

That zone 2 + the sweet spot TSS rides on the weekend and I do not think you need to add extra base miles. Because after you complete this plan and begin your sweet spot base - that’s when you want to focus on your build - increasing your CTL.

Hope that helps - good luck!


I’ll be starting this at home plan tomorrow morning. I have a clarification question for the squats in the adaptation phase.
Am I doing 3 total sets? 1x8 at 45lbs, 1x8 at 50, and 1x8 at 55
Or 9 total sets? 3x8 at 45, 3x8 at 50, and 3x8 at 55


Where can I find the excel spreadsheet that was supposed to come with the plan, I bought the plan but can’t find the document.

Any attachments will be in trainingpeaks. Go to the first day you have planned and open that up and you should see the attachments under the description.


This is what I have on the first day, I can’t find the excel spreadsheet?

Welcome and thanks for buying our at Home Weight Lifting Plan

Have you accepted and loaded the plan in trainingpeaks?

Click on any of the hypertrophy workouts in week 4 and you will find the excel spreadsheet. Prior to that, all the squats are low weight and spreadsheet isn’t needed.

Eg. “Hypertrophy (Heavy) 2 Zone 2”