Which 6 week plan after the 16 week SS Plan

Hi FasCat coaches,

I have a 6 day cycling holiday to Mallorca planned for next March. This is perfect in that it gives me 16 weeks for the 16 week SS Plan, then 6 weeks for a 6 week plan plus 1 weeks recovery before the week in Mallorca.

We’'ll be riding for 6 days with anything from 50 miles up to 90 miles a day and up to 1000ft of climbing per day.

After completing the 16 Week SS plan which 6 week plan would be best to do?

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There’s a few plans that would work, maybe the best fit is the Haute Route – FasCat Coaching

That’s a great plan to get you ready for a week of big volume with lots of climbing.

Thanks for the fast reply.

Am I right in thinking that the Haute route has week 6 as a recovery/taper week whereas the other plans would have you add a recovery/taper week into week 7?

I have that extra week (week 7) as mentioned in my post. How could I restructure the Haute plan to have the recovery/taper week as week 7?

Sorry I should have added that it’s not going to be a race week more of a steady week with lots of cafe stops.


I missed that the one week recovery was an addition to the 6 week plan, not a part of.

In that case, you could just do something like Climbing Intervals – FasCat Coaching and then do a taper week at the end of it.

That’ll probably be more specific for you as you can have good fitness for going hard up the climbs without the need for massive endurance as you’ll be riding easy between climbs and stopping at the cafes.

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Fantastic thanks Christian.