B race 6 weeks out from A race...taper or not?

Hi there FasCat coaches,

I thought I had this figured out but now I’m second guessing myself so any advice welcome.

I have a B race scheduled exactly 6 weeks before my A race. I start my event specific 6 week training plan (Gravel Grinder flat course intermediate) the Monday before my B race (which is on the Saturday). I’ll be travelling that week to my race in Europe as well so in reality that week I won’t be able to FTFP for at least 2 days prior to the B race day.

Question - my plan was to simply continue to FTFP (as best I can) and not taper at all for the B race, I’ll simply consider it my weekend gravel simulation ride (albeit race) with my focus being on my A race 5 weeks after it. Does this sound sensible or should I change out some of my scheduled training the week (or two?) before or after the B race?

My second question is, I’m heading to Tenerife for a week to train in the sun for a few days (sick of the cold wet and windy weather at home and indoor training!) This will be in February, I want to make the most of the warm weather but I assume I should still FTFP whilst there? Im just wondering if it will be hugely detrimental to my training if I did a few longer rides or included some extra time in the saddle with my training intervals rather than just the approx 1.5hrs scheduled each day?


Hi @FRANK @Christian any words of wisdom? Thank you! Nick

Just use the travel days prior to your race as a mini-taper. Other than that, follow your plan.

After the race, you may have to skip a workout or two to prioritize recovery before jumping back into the plan. For example, if you race on Saturday, you’ll definitely want to rest Sunday, rest Monday, and possibly rest Tuesday/Wednesday depending on the length of your race.

I’m not sure how long you’ll be in Tenerife, but I’d go off-plan and do as much riding as you can reasonably manage (and recover from!) mixed in with some tempo and sweet spot efforts on the long climbs the island has. Try to arrange your schedule so you have a rest week the week after the trip to Tenerife.

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Fantastic thank you @Christian :raised_hands: