Putting Training Plans together

We received this email today. First of all there are no silly question! We get all kinds of questions and this is the place to post questions so we can all learn and discuss. :grinning:

Think this is a pretty silly question that I could probably answer myself, hence why I have not listed it on the forum!!

*So, am correct in saying that a rest week is every 4 weeks? *

If I am right, when I schedule all of my FasCat plans this timescale seems run out of sequence, for example, I am on my 2nd week of the indoor/outdoor plan and my rest week is on the 4th week. But when I apply SST1 plan, I have to carry out 5 more weeks of training before the rest week in the 6th week. So, should reschedule all of my subsequent rest weeks to follow the 3 weeks on, 1 week off?

Many thanks for your help

So to answer the question, yes recovery weeks should be every 4th week.

We sell most of our plans as 6 week plans. This gives you more flexibility in putting something together that would work more specifically for the athlete. You can go from base of sweet spot 2 to a 6 week mountain bike intervals, road intervals, gravel plan or etc. So many options. Then maybe you want to put in a summer sweet spot block to ramp CTL back up before a late season push. So with only being 6 weeks this makes it easier to accomplish.

But it might take some work on your end to place in rest weeks. You can just copy a regeneration week and place it in as needed, or cut one and move it back. Next to the summary on the far right is a menu to cut, copy or paste an entire week.

Also if you are uncomfortable about doing this on your own we do offer our coaching subscription. This is something one of our coaches would do for you! Plus work around any other specific races, group rides or etc you may have.

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