When to Start Taper for Mid South?

I’ve been on the 18 Weeks of Sweet Spot Plan and definitely FTFPing thus far. I’ve got Land Run / Mid South in 2 weeks. I did a 75 mile simulation ride yesterday to iron out some pacing and nutrition aspects. I’m going to do my planned workouts this coming week, but should I try to do another big block on Saturday / Sunday this upcoming weekend or should I keep it easier and start to get my legs fresh?

One idea is to keep FtFP’ing and do a big 5-6 hour gravel simulation ride this coming weekend as described here:

Then take Sunday off and and plan a very easy week for good fresh legs on the 14th. Hope that helps - see you, come by the FasCat tent in the expo to say hi!

Thanks Frank, that is where my head was as well. Figured another big ride next weekend then go easy week of the race.

Hoping that training and sea level watts can get me through this as this event is awfully early for us in CO.

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