Gravel race week 14 of 18 weeks of sweet spot

Hello, I have a 70 mile gravel race with 3700 ft of climbing (Greenwood Gravel Grinder) during week 14 of my 18 weeks of sweet spot. I am currently on week 12, so 3 weeks to go. Any tips for how to modify the upcoming weeks? Should I try to fit in a longer ride this week (so far my long ride in the plan has been 4:30 and I only went 55 miles). FYI, I started my plan on a wed so that my long rides fall on tues and wed to fit better with my work schedule. Should I even bother to taper? This is my first gravel race ever, any tips on pacing using power? I’m afraid of blowing up and not being able to ride the full 70 miles.

Hi Kimberly!

For your Saturday rides (Tuesdays) you could do gravel simulation rides. Basically do hard 5 - 6 hour rides. You should do that for the next two weeks. Ride at a harder pace such as 55 - 65 TSS per hour. Try to ride on gravel and a course that is similar to what you will be doing for you event. Also work on your nutrition plan. Staying hydrated and fueled.

The day after these long days for your “Sunday” rides will be just short easy zone 2 rides. (1-2hrs). This way you can make sure you are giving everything to your Saturday rides.

The week before your event you should taper into it and take it easy. Make sure that two days out is an off day, the day before is only an hour easy and then do the event. You’ll also have to make sure you properly recover after the event before you do your first efforts back. Could just do a regeneration week an then continue the plan where you left off.


Thank you Jake, I appreciate the speedy reply!! Taking an easy week afterwards sounds like a good idea. How do I shift the last few weeks of the plan forward without manually moving each workout? Also, any tips on pacing based on power for the gravel race itself?


Here are two training tips you may find helpful Kim!

Also, as Jake said… fueling will be huge for these kinds of events.

For shifting your weeks forward, check out the instructions I gave in this forum thread

Lacey, thank you so much for getting back to me quickly! I will check out all of those links. One quick question, any tips for pacing for a 6 hr race in terms of power and hr?

The gravel simulation rides will help you determine that. Look at your pervious best 4 - 5 hour rides. The best thing is to find a group of riders doing a similar pace so you can draft and conserve energy. Taking turns in the wind.

It is important to stay on top of your nutrition. This is what will help you feel strong later in the event. Early on you maybe doing a tempo pace but come 4, 5 hours in you may only be doing zone 2 which is ok. It is ok to start a bit harder to settle into a group but avoid going full gas and burning so many matches early on. On average a low zone 3 average is ok early on. So times maybe harder and sometimes easier.

Here is a great podcast.

Thank you again for getting back to me so quickly! This is so helpful, y’all are awesome.

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