14 weeks from Mid South Gravel

Hi Folks,
I am registered to ride Mid South Gravel on March 13th. (Pending co-vid/travel appropriateness, of course, but I might as well train like it’s gonna happen.)
I just registered with FasCat and bought three plans: 18 weeks of sweet spot, Gravel training plan, and Rouge Roubaix. (Each at the intermediate level.)
I started with Week 1 of Sweet Spot 18 to get the “system” down, but now I am 14 weeks out and am wondering how to maximize my training heading into Mid South (definitely an “A” event for me for this year).
Would continuing with the 18 wk SS for another 8 weeks and then switching to the Gravel or Rouge Roubaix plans for the 6 weeks leading up to the event be a sensible plan? Or, should I fast forward past some of the first few weeks of 18 wk SS to get to the meatier sections of the plan heading into a 6 week pre-race plan? (Thoughts on Gravel vs. Rouge Roubaix are also welcome!)

Thanks a bunch. Very excited to have a plan to f*ng follow!

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Right on John - I’d stick with your 18 weeks of sweet spot because I heard there’s a high likely the Mid-South won’t happen due to COVID and permitting and the vaccine not being readily available by mid-March

Therefore , what I suggest is to FtFP your 18 weeks and then switch over the Gravel Plan and along the way in February-ish I bet you can start figuring out your timing.

Hope that helps - sorry to be the bearer of bad news…

Bummer indeed! But thank you for the feedback, Frank. I guess, if nothing else, I can stick with the SS18 plan now and take it where fate dictates when I’m six weeks out from March 13/Mid South. I am looking forward to FTFF and getting outside a lot more this winter than I have the past couple. Cheers!