14 weeks before next gravel race

Hi, Just finished Gravel Grinder Int. Hilly & did my Socially Distanced Midsouth. My next gravel race is 14 weeks, June 20. I plan on doing the GG plan again 6 weeks out but what about before?

Hey @christopher.bell !
How’d your Midsouth ride go?

I would suggest that you take a rest week this week, then jump into SS part 4.

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Hey thanks,
I did my Midsouth on Tuesday so it didn’t officially count but definitely a PR for me at 51, 5:50.
I was supposed to get a discount code for reviewing the gravel plan?
I took a guess and ended up purchasing the in season gravel but I’ll put that on hold for now and do the SS 4.

That is awesome!! If you did that this early in the season, just imagine what you can do come your A race in a few months.

You could also do the in season gravel plan. That will have a bit more TSS at the same plan level though and depending on where you are with your CTL is… it may be a better idea to back down just a bit & maintain your fitness/build your top end before jumping into gravel specific intervals again. That is what the SS part 4 plan is great for.

Regarding your discount for the review, you should have seen that come through to your email. Check your junk mail and if you do not see it, let me know and I can send you coupon manually! Also… thanks for the awesome feedback. We truly appreciate it!

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