Post Abandoned Mid South Transition to DK 200

Fascat’ers - I used sweet spot/resistance in buildup to the gravel race plan into Mid-South. Abandoned mid-south (done two Mid-South tough mudders in 16, 17) completed a sweet spot century yesterday CTL 81. So what next? On a recent podcast you mentioned sweet spot 3 building into gravel race plan. Or do is in the in season gravel plan a good option? Thank you. gary

I would recommend you do the sweet spot 3 plan before the gravel race plan. The in season plan is for when you are racing each weekend. With the way things are now I’m assuming you will not be racing for sever weeks.

You will want to line up the 6 week grave plan to finish with your first gravel race back. But we don’t know when that would be. So I would start with sweet spot 3. Just a great mix of aerobic and anaerobic work. You’ll still build CTL and fitness, but will get in some race intensity!

Man those conditions looked brutal out there this past weekend! I was following the instagram and we only saw the top 4 - 5 riders and the amount of problems they faced was astonishing. And that continues and grows with everyone behind them. No shame in Abandoning. Personally I don’t make room on my calendar for it because of the stories I’ve heard from 16,17 so you’re already tougher than I am. You showed up and ready for it even after doing it in the past.

Thanks Coach. Will do.

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