18 weeks till Big Sugar

So long story short I’ve been on a burnout/being busy break for the last 6 months or so. I’ve only averaged small hours for a while but the last month I’ve been getting back into it and ramping up my hours. Last year I got into Big Sugar and as of right now its still on so I want to start training pretty hard. My question is am I best suited to do two blocks of sweet spot and then finish off with the Gravel Training plan, or do a different plan instead of the 2nd sweet spot plan? If you could give me a recommendation, that would be great!

HI @carsonfrench - what does your PMC Look like as of today? I.e. What’s your CTL and age? I’ll be able to give you a good recommendation from there, thanks!

My CTL right now is 45 and I’m 21 years old. My highest CTL last season was 97. I already adjusted my FTP, I’m just a bit nervous about ramping up too quickly without any advice or guidance.

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Okay - really goood to know, because at your age I can give you a recommendation that’s challenge but the most productive, it is:

Sweet Spot part 3 > Sweet Spot 4 > Gravel Plan:

Good luck and hope to see you in October!

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Awesome thanks! How long does it typically take for TrainingPeaks to send their email? I believe I need it to be pushed to me.