What's Your A-Race?

We all talk about training for our A-Race, but I’m curious what those races are you guys are training for in 2021.

I am looking for ideas on what I could be hoping to complete next year. I am currently doing the 32 week plan and if I FTFP, I would be complete on July 4th of 2021. Add some specific training after that and I’m looking at somewhere in August for a potential big A-Race.

I live in the Southeast but would be willing to travel.

Also, is there a web site I can look at that lists all the races coming up?

Thanks for your feedback!

You can take a look at USA Cycling races or local southeast races have websites such as Southeastern Cycling or BikeReg… each state should have a state championship series too… there are plenty of “potential” races nation wide. it’s all dependent on what’s going to happen next year but it’s good to pick a race and shoot for it even if it doesn’t happen- it’s good to have goals to stay motivated. If the event is canceled you can always do a mock race or go for a PR on your favorite climb.

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Hi Mike!

From 2013 to 2018 the Crusher in the Tushar was my #1 A race and I designed my training and peaking every summer for it:

Are you a roadie, mtb’er, gravel guy, fondo, what are you (lol) so we can plant some good seeds. As Coach @Allie said there are tons and tons of good races in the South, y’all have a pretty good scene!

@Jackson and I did the Haute Route in Asheville in 2019

Would also add that in years past many moons ago the Colorado State Time Trial was my A race and when I was just a baby the Big Bear NORBA National MTB race.

Your A race is whatever race motivates you to be your best. Its personal as I like to advise athletes

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Nice thread @mike4; last year I set a personal goal to do a 40km TT in less than 60 mins, I hoped to find an actual race to do it in, but due to covid ended up doing a solo effort on a local road and smashed it. That goal worked. really well for me in 2020 which was my first year of structured training, and kept me laser focused on the prize.
For 2021 I want to do an epic 100mile+ ride with over 10,000ft of climbing, I’ve locked in 6GAP in GA in Sept as the A ride. I’ve done a handful of Century rides before, but haven’t climbed over 6,000ft yet. I hope to incite a few other local riders in OH to travel down for it too. I’m still resolving in my mind whether or not this is scary enough, and what sort of success metric to put on it, other than making it to the finish-line. Backing up from this, I plan to join a local racing team, and do my first crit as well as race in the local TT series again. But the main focus will be building a big endurance engine and working on climbing.

I’d be interested in recommendations for scary/epic road events within a 8hr drive from Dayton OH too.

Belgium waffle ride-Asheville!

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BWR Asheville in May and Unbound (fka DK200) at the beginning of June

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@humunuku yes! that sounds suitably scary for sure :+1:

Two good gravel sites with event calendar.

Design your own adventures at:

www.gravel map.com

CTTC Mersey Roads 24 TT

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Working towards the Grab Fondo National Series ride in Asheville. It’s towards the end of July.

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Be sure to contact a Haute Route Ambassador and they can share a code with you to help on registration for GFNS. I.e. save you some money

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Question now? Where do I find an ambassador?

Blood Sweat & Gears which will probably be in late June. It hasn’t been announced yet.

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A Race = Masters Track Worlds in LA - early October
B Race = CO State TT - June


My A races are Unbound Gravel & STB GRVL. If you’ve never done a weeklong omnium, the Tour of America’s Dairyland is an awesome series. 10-11 days of racing. Based out of Milwaukee, WI. Most venues are within 90 minutes of MKE. Second half of June annually since 2009. Worth a look.


Randy Warren is an ambassador randy@warrencycling.com

I’m going all in cyclocross this year. Hopefully nats in December 2021, depending on the location and family obligations. If I can’t make it to nats I will peak for my regional race series.

I picked cyclocross because it’s FUN and I can only train 10 hrs/wk max. In cyclocross I don’t see a 10hr/wk to be at a disadvantage to a racer that can train more hours.