"A" Race Delayed

Hi guys,

I know we are all in the same boat right now but I was wondering specifically which plans you would sequence and how…

I am coming out of the off-season in which I did the 10-week resistance training plan, Sweet Spot 1 and the indoor/outdoor plan for Zwift.

My “A” Race is going to be the USA Cycling Fondo Nationals at the Asheville Gran Fondo, which is now set for Aug. 30. I am looking at 100 miles and a healthy amount of climbing.

I had planned to do the climbing plan but now have 18 weeks, so it looks like I can work through three plans.

Which 3 would you recommend to be at my best and ready to compete within my age group on Aug. 30? Looking forward to #FTFP’ing all summer!

Dave Cencer
Cadillac, MI

Hiya @davecencer - based on what you’ve done and want to do now I recommend Sweet Spot Parts 2 & 3 and then your hill climbing interval plan.

That’s a super solid 18 weeks to FtFP off of!

Awesome, thanks Frank! Looking forward to it! I appreciate the quick response!

Stay safe and stay healthy.


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