Training plan for Crusher in the Tushar AND Leadville 100 mtb race

Thanks Fascat for great training plans, a great podcast, and forum!!

I am wondering if you might direct me to the best training plans for my upcoming summer…

I will be doing Crusher in the Tushar in July and then Leadville 100 mtb race in August. While I want to do well at Crushar, my A race is Leadville (I did an 8:18 in 2017 and would like to try and get closer to 8 hours this year…)

Should I start the Crushar training plan June 1 and then switch to the Leadville one july 1?

Or should I do the hill climbing intervals plan starting now and then start Leadville July 1?

Thanks for all your help!

Aw thanks - yes, you answered your own questions: start with the Crusher plan and then switch to the Leadville one. Might want to take 2-4 chill days post Crusher since it is so hard.

Sweet Spot as much as possible until June 1st too!

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