Review Weights + Base - Advanced 16 Weeks

Hi FasCats,

I’m a 56-year old man living in Sweden who went into MTB 4 years ago and since then been stuck to a new and more healthy life style than before.

First of all, I really want to give you all at FasCat a BIG thanks for the great support you give all us athletes on the Forum, also the training Plans is all very structured and been easy to follow.

I just finished my 16 weeks of weights + base intensive Plan with the FTP test, the improvement was up by 26 watt, 280- 306 W (4.2 up to 4.7 W/kg) compared to the test I did after ending the weight lifting in beginning of January. By follow the plan I was able to do it, the weight lifting was also going by plan even do It was some period very taxing during hypertrophy phase. With the Sweet Spot training I felt very supple most times and thanks to Zwift I could do my “Groups ride” there since the” bad” weather, cold & snow here. I fell I’m really making some good progression in the longer rides to and I’m becoming to be an even better “diesel" engine for this year, one other key to success is to have some good sleeping habits.

My goal this coming season will be a couple of 4-days stage races here in Europe in May (Belgian Mountain bike Challenge) and June (Beskidy MTB Trophy).

Both races have long uphill slopes between 20-45 min and some super-fast downhills on that.
My next phase to build more” Base” is that I will go on with the 6 weeks” Sweet Spot MTB Marathon Training Plan” and after that to build more” diesel” I jump to the 7 weeks” Breck Epic plan.

I really hope we going to be able to do some real racing this year, I miss to put a number plate on my bike again :slight_smile:


Mikael Karlsson


Way to FtFP and earn those watts @mikael.karlsson ! :muscle:t3::boom:
We’re stoked to hear about your progress thus far and look forward to hearing how your training continues to go as you work towards those big MTB races. Keep crushing it and as @FRANK would say, Ride fast, Have fun and FtFP!!