What to do in the pre-season

So my next A event is only in 2023 and i already have my 30weeks training plan all laid out to end 2 weeks before to start tapering for the event. Problem is what do i do until i actually start the training plan… I no longer have events this year, so i’m really not sure what to do in between…
Just go out and stick to Z2 watts to build the base? Maybe switch it up with some Strava/PR’s days? Do some intervals now and then?
Just wondering what’s the best aproach for when you’re not actually following the training plan but don’t want to sit in the couch for like 2 months…

Thank you in advance,


What is the event you’re training for?

How many weeks total between now and your event?

Have you already done an off-season break?

The event is a GF with 2 20k mountains to climb.
And the event is in August next year.
And no, i just finished this season this past weekend with my A race of the year. And i only started structured training when i bought the old 32week training plan.
So this will be my very first gap in between 2 training plans. Which is why i’m at a loss as to what i’m supposed to do in between plans…

I would take a short break from riding to hit the reset button and then consider getting started with a strength training program

Already taking a 2 week break, and i already have strength training included on the 30week training plan that i’ll do next year…
That’s my issue. I have quite a long time till i start the 30 week program. And i don’t want to sit on the couch till then.
I mean i could just ride for fun, or ride in z2 to build the base. but i would like to be sure that i’m being “productive” during this downtime in between plans.

Step 1-Finish your two week break

Step 2-Go ahead and start the 30 Week Off-Season Plan

Step 3-Use one or more race specific plans like Gran Fondo Plan – FasCat Coaching to peak for the race

I already have the climbing plan added to the calendar as well. Sorry, forgot to mention that.

If you’re happy with the plan you have laid out, I think it’s good to take some unstructured riding time (after your 2 week break) to just ride however you want to ride. Like you said, that could be just riding with buddies, exploring new places, going for Strava PR’s, jump into a CX race for fun, etc. While following a plan is great for your goals, I think it’s also important to have some freedom to just enjoy riding your bike too. That keeps you mentally fresh when it’s time to start the plan again and prevents burnout.

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Thank you all for your help.
Guess i’ll just ride for the fun of riding and don’t think about training during this period where i have no training plan.
Just one more final question, should i limit the number of days per week that i ride during this period?
I’m not counting on doing 5 or 6 days a week, but 3/4 days is that ok? Or is too much during this period?

I don’t think you need to limit your riding, nor is 3-4 days too much. I think you should ride when you want to ride, and don’t ride if you’re tired. Listen to your body and heart and do what you feel you need and want during this time. That’s what riding for fun is all about!


Got it.
Thank you very much for the help.

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