Planning for rest of season


I’m trying to figure out a general outline of how my training plan should look for 2022. Up to this point I’ve done:

  • 32-week offseason plan
  • Sweet Spot 4
  • Fondo plan (almost complete)

Side Note: The plans have been amazing, I’ve seen gains from 3.1 w/kg to 3.6 w/kg currently!

Since I don’t have a racing background and this year is the first year I entered an event (fondo in 2 weeks), I don’t really have a good feel for building out my “yearly training schedule”. I have no problem #ftfp once I have the plan it’s just the scheduling aspect.

What I mean by this is, so in 2 weeks I’ll be done with the fondo plan after my event. I’ll then have nothing until I plan on starting the 32-week offseason plan maybe in late October.

My main question is what to do with the ~2.5 months between when I finish the fondo plan and start off season plan? If someone only has one event, what do they do the rest of the summer.

Also, does anyone ever take a week off the bike completely? I’ve thought about taking a week off after the fondo then jumping back into other plans just not sure what.

Basically, I just don’t want to lose fitness and gaining more would be great. I love the plans and would have no problem filling my calendar just looking for a little guidance. Thanks!

Hey Trevor, first just want to say congrats on the FTP improvement. That is AWESOME!!
Regarding what to do for the rest of the season, you could take mid season break (link below for info on that). After that you could repeat SS part 4 and then do the strava PR plan. Alternatively if you are interested in PR’ing something that requires good climbing skills, you could opt for our climbing plan followed by the Strava PR plan.

Both of those options will allow you to keep increasing your power output and the Strava PR plan is a great way to put that fitness to the test! The climbing plan is also very versatile and you can use it in preparation for some of your events next year.