Quick Question About the POST SEASON BREAK

Hi!! I know you say take 2 weeks off the bike following a training plan and that our Fitness/CTL should be around/below ~45. I had a super HIGH (90) Fitness/CTL when I stopped training and after 2 weeks off the bike, my Fitness/CTL is still ~60… would you advise more time off the bike, or is it OK to start the “Off-season plan”?

I am dying to start b/c 2 weeks off the bike is HARD for me, but don’t wanna be greedy :slight_smile: Can no longer do CX, switching to gravel in the spring. Thank you!!

This is a great example of when to stop paying attention to the numbers and take 2 weeks off, let the CTL do what its gonna do mathematically and resume training after 2 weeks.

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@FRANK thanks for the quick reply… just to clarify, you’re saying to start the “Off Season Plan” since I took the 2 weeks off (note: my CTL is 60)? Or are you saying take another (additional) 2 weeks off?

From above: “I took 2 weeks off the bike. Fitness/CTL is still ~60… would you advise more time off the bike, or is it OK to start the “Off-season plan”?”

Aha: if you’ve taken two weeks off and feel rejuvenated and motivated to train again, yes: begin your 30 week off season

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@FRANK And is it ok during those 2 weeks to go running for example? Or the two weeks are meant to be strickly no exercise period?

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Coach @FRANK ,
Yes, sir. Rejuvenated and motivated? Like a cat ready to POUNCE!!
Thanks for all you do!!

@FRANK or any other coach that’s around, can i get an answer to my question? Is running ok during those 2 weeks off the bike when one finishes up a plan?

It all depends - your question is a broader 1x1 coaching discussion.

What are you hoping to accomplish? Fun, enjoyment or a training benefit?

Generally when cyclists run, they injure themselves unless they come from a running background. Not sure if that’s your case…

@FRANK thank you very much for the answer.

I already run 1x a week, so you can say i have a running background. And reason i asked that question is to see if i could still run 1 or 2x a week during those 2 weeks off the bike, or if i should just become a couch potato for 2 weeks period… Is it detrimental in the long run if i do some running on those 2 weeks? I guess that’s my main concern in the grand scheme of things…,

Hey @brunocfeijao,
Since you run regularly, you can continue to do so during your time off the bike. The idea is to get some R&R so just don’t triple your running volume and you’ll be fine!

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Hey Suzie, first of all, thank you for the response.
And yeah, my plan would be to continue with the sunday run, and maybe just add a run on wednesday. So i wouldn’t be adding that much. It’s just that i have a hard time sitting at home doing nothing for 2 weeks.

Completely understand! There’s nothing wrong with a little activity, as long as you’re keeping the load low and your overall focus on recovery. Might I also suggest adding some extra stretching or yoga into your 2 weeks off the bike, which can help that restless feeling too.

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thx for the sugestions. :wink: