Structuring 2022 / which plan(s)?

Hope everyone’s doing well.

I’m looking forward to next year and trying to be super organised with my plans. Would be grateful for a bit of advice on how to structure the next few months and which FasCat plan(s) to use.

My target A events in 2022 will be at the beginning of July:

1 July - Grimpee Alpe D’Huez, a TT up the alpe (c. 45 mins).
3 July - La Marmotte, goal to improve my 2019 time of 6h 26m and finish top 50.

Really this means I have 8 months, so my question is what plan or combination of plans would get me in best shape for those events, and when should I start them?

I have already got the 16 week Weights + Base plan, and also Six Weeks to Sweet Spot part 3 (both advanced).


That is roughly 36 weeks. I would do our 30 week offseason plan, but skip the first 3 weeks of foundation and do the 10 week resistance training (which you have part of your 16 weeks weights plus base). Then I would do sweet spot 1, 2 and 3 (so only need sweet spot 1). Then I would have you do Phils Fondo plan. With having that big ride 2 days after the Alp TT you will be better suited doing a Fondo plan than straight up hill climbing plan. I recommend Phils Fondo plan as it does have efforts that replicate long climbing so suited for both.

So you can buy sweet spot 1 and Phils Fondo plan to be set. Or you could just do our 30 week offseason plan and get the updated resistance and sweet spot training in that compared to what you have. Also the benefits of that is you would have all the proper rest weeks lined up and not have to put them together yourself.