What to do if you need to miss an interval day?

Im coming into week 3 of sweetspot level 3 intermediate and it looks like im going to have to miss the Wednesday interval workout. Would i be best served just moving on and following the schedule as is, or doing those intervals in place of another workout that week? — or should i do the intervals im missing in place of the group ride/Sunday zone two ride?

Hey @alexdelicata !

I suggest either doing that workout on Thursday if you feel that it will not impede your ability to execute your SS ride Saturday. If you do this, you can add 30-60 min to your zone 2 Sunday ride to get close to your weekly tss goal.

Another option would be to do the workout on Sunday and make that a 3-4 hour ride.

It’s okay to push a little heavier of a training load (again so long as you can handle it) that weekend as you’ll have the next weekend as a regeneration week.

Hope that helps!

Hi @alexdelicata - why do you have to miss the workout?

Let’s start there bc it is preferable to FtFP unless you have a coach to look at the big picture for you.

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Coach Frank with the hard questions! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
He’s right though, in an ideal world you follow the plan as is… that’s going to get you the most gains.
Sometimes that means waking up at the crack of dawn to squeeze it in! While the thought of doing that might stink, once you FTFP the workout you won’t regret it!

I’m getting my second covid vaccine shot on Tuesday afternoon, so I’m just anticipating i might be pretty sick based on what I’ve been hearing. Obviously, if i can get out there, I’ll be out there but i wanted to see what option B might look like if I’m not able to.


this is :100: a good reason and I have been revising plans post 2nd dose for all the athletes I coach.

As for the answer it really is tough to answer without actually looking at your plan and knowing what you are training for and when that is. That’s what we do for our 1x1 coached athletes.

To answer your question, what @Lacey_Rivette ^^ works!

Also good news - for all the athletes I’ve had get their 2nd shot - 2 days later they feel fantastic!


Thnx guys

Re: 1x1 coaching—

I see the 1x1 coaching options on the site-- ive got a little less than three weeks left on my SS 3 plan, which was my first real training plan — and Im loving it. What would be the best thing to do if i wanted to get some individualized coaching going forward? sign up at the base level with like one week remaining on this plan? Im not training for anything in particular, just looking to get stronger and continue getting more serious with the sport.

@alexdelicata - Well I will go ahead and give you an early congratulations on finishing your first training plan!

If you wanted to do the 1x1 coaching, starting now would be a good move as that will allow you some time to have your first coaching call with your coach. During that call they will get to know you, your goals, your strengths/weaknesses and your time available to train and design a training plan accordingly :slight_smile:

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