Missed a workout on Easy week

I am in the first regeneration week of the 18 week sweetspot plan and had to miss the 2nd workout 3 x 12 mins Tempo because of icy conditions. I have completed the third and final workout 2hr sweetspot. My question is should i do the missed workout on one of the two remaining rest days weather permitting? or just drop it. For further info i am 57yr old, and because of Christmas have just had 8 consecutive days off work so i am feeling very rested and strong.

Thanks in Advance

Hey @philchrystal !
Hard to give you a for sure answer without looking at your trainingpeaks and your PMC. But I would say that if you are feeling strong, to go ahead and do that 3x12 tempo workout on sunday since you will have a rest day on monday.

Just be sure not to overdo that workout and cause yourself to be too fatigued to FtFP the SS workout next tuesday!