Weekly TSS or hitting the intervals correctly?

If weather, family obligations or work conspire to get in the way of FTFP which is more important? Weekly TSS or hitting all the intervals correctly?

Depends on which plan you are on and which day of the week we are talking about. Tues is a different recommendation than that Thursday or Saturday.

Also weather should not conspire if you’ve got your indoor training space setup

Week 10 of 18 week SS. The indoor training setup is not optimal this week. Hit my marks for today (Tuesday) 2x15 threshold but won’t be able to spare a full 2hrs tomorrow or Thursday. I can make enough time to get a warmup followed by the intervals, but not much extra time after that.

If that is the case, I would just aim to do a 5 min cool down after your intervals on Wednesday. That will keep the workout at an hour 15 min and ensure that you complete your intervals (which are important). Then thursday do an hour of endurance instead of 1.5 hours.

For your SS ride this weekend, do a little bit extra SS’ing to reach your TSS target for the week since you missed a bit by cutting previous workouts short. You should feel pretty good that day too considering you went easier on thursday than planned.