Sweet Spot Part 3 - Regen Week

Hey guys,

Have worked my way through SS1, SS2 and now halfway through SS3 (all intermediate). Really enjoying the plans thus far, thanks for your efforts!

Question regarding SS3 regen week. I notice in the training plan you’ve provided, Sunday indicates both a rest day, AND SS Over/Unders for 1:30. I’m guessing this is a mistake? My understanding of regen weeks is typically that Sunday is off (and indeed there is another tab telling me to take the entire day off…), but I’m working hard to FTFP and didn’t want to upset Frank!

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The regeneration day on Tuesday doubles as a recovery day so that is fine. We jus present it as two different workouts in TrainingPeaks but they are one in the same (not riding)

As far as Sunday goes we are just reminding you that it is still a regen week** so don’t try to ride more than the prescribed during of 1.5 hours.

** because usually Sundays are for longer rides - except in regen weeks.

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Thanks for the reply Jake.

I’m still a little confused. I understand the Tuesday part - no worries there.

Sunday of Week 4 of SS3 though. The REGEN WEEK tile specifically tells me NOT to do anything. Not to ride at all. It even states ‘when was the last time you had a Sunday off’.

But then there is also a planned workout on the Sunday. 1 hour 30 (in my case) of Sweet Spot Over Unders totalling 105 TSS. Those two are in stark contrast to each other.

So ultimately my question is - do I do a 1:30 SS Over Under ride, do I not ride at all, or does it not matter…?

^^^ What Coach @Jake says

FWIW, for me, that one is on Fri. Wed/Fri/Sat, are the work days. Wed 90TSS/ Fri 105TSS/ Sat 178TSS.

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