What strategy to follow

Hey there Fascats,
First of all a healthy, happy and succesful 2022 To all of you!

I have the following problem:
In Holland we are in lockdown and all CX races are suspended or cancelled except for the nationals that are posponed untill the 5th of Februar.

Normally this would take place half Januar and would give mee a month recovery with endurance training into my first trainingcamp on Mallorca Spain😎

Now I have to stretch my CX season for a month with intensive intervaltraining to peak and the nationals.
Should I repeat the latter half of plan “Six weeks till cyclecross” and build in a rest period after the nationals or
Build a hybrid plan from the CX plan with an overlap from my buildup plan “10 weeks resistance plan” followed by “Sweetspot part 4”

I could really appreciate a proper advice here from coaches Frank, Jake or Isaiah.

What cx plans of ours do you have @kbolks1957 ?

I’d do our six weeks to peak for cx nationals

Hope that helps, g’luck!

Hello Frank,
I have the 6 weeks till cyclecross, so I will look into the 6 weeks to nationals for comparison and see if a purchase will give me an advantage🤔

They are completely different plans - the six weeks till cx is a pre-season plan with a lot of running and skill development.

The six weeks to peak concentrates on having you peak for nationals with a 4 day training block, a 2 week taper, Tabata Intervals and all the cx specific interval work.

Do. Not. Do. your pre-season CX plan

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Okay Frank,
Wiil follow your advice

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