Prepping for cross Nats in December

All, getting ready for an assault on Nationals this December - they’re in my back yard…

37 weeks out - our local series starts at the end of August (less a pair of weekends for the UCI races).

With this as a backdrop (M45+), what plans would you recommend to get ready?

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Hey! thanks for checking in.

Have you checked out our Cyclocross Season Training Plan bundle? It’s five 6 week training plans for the price of four. It’s 30 weeks of training that leads you to feeling prime time for CX nationals. I know you mentioned you have 37 weeks, the 7 weeks you have now could be used for base miles and a few group rides!

-Coach Allie

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Coach Allie, I have a handful (literally) of Frank’s plans… (You guys are on my TP as my “coach”) Just wanted to see how you might set them up…


CX sweet spot plan
Six weeks till cross season
CX intervals
CX race and recover: in-season
Six weeks to peak for CX Nationals

in that order!

Thanks Coach Allie - just think I need to add the CX Nats plan…

Great stuff!



Hi Team FasCats,

Main goal is CX Nationals, 60+ masters.

I’m in the middle of the 30week CX off-season weights and sweet spot plan. About to do the 20min FTP test. I think my plan ends on May 29.

I’m signed up for the Vermont Overland in late August, and hopefully can have that worked into whatever plan I dive into after the 30 week one is over. What do you suggest that plan should be?

Hi @Wocketman - the cyclocross plan progression after your 30 week plan is this:

Excellent, thanks Frank.

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Another question…
Entering what is evidently the “sweet spot” period of the “CX off season 24 week plan” and definitely on the edge of caving in, but getting a little faster I think. The weights and plyos seem to working for my jump, however my legs are nearly always sore. Even after the “off” days with Foundations and the yoga assignments, which leave my hamstrings feeling a bit shredded. Did the 20min test and didn’t show improvement over last Fall, however legs were so tired going into the test that I suspect I could do better if there was a way to recover beforehand.

It seems that at 60+, the single days off aren’t enough for us old guys to bounce back?

I will FTFP until the end of the plan, but wondering if there is some recommended time off (or some sort of “one week recovery plan” before diving into the “cyclocross summer sweet spot” plan, if that’s what’s next…?

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If you are on the intermediate version you could switch to the basic version which will help you recover better. Has 4-8 hours of training per week compared to 8 - 12 with the intermediate (we can’t tell which plan you are on in the forum)

Are you getting 8 hours sleep each night? if not , its not your training plan, it your recovery that’s limiting you. Try to improve your sleep by 15-30 minutes on average for 2-3 weeks and that will make a noticeable difference.

Thanks…yes, on the intermediate and have been wondering about the basic.
Sleeping fine in general.
For sure tomorrow’s assigned 1.5hr Z2 combine with the CX running and plyos on the same day, will result in soreness on Friday. Likely making Saturday’s assigned long group ride a real challenge. But perhaps I’ll break through some sort of a wall. Fingers crossed…

How much sleep ? ‘fine in general’ may actually not be fine in general :wink:

Best to use all the recovery techniques on Friday we describe in this training tip:

@Wocketman I am in week 9 of the 10 week off season weights and I totally hear you about the constant leg soreness. For me it’s just enough to limit my ability to push hard on the pedals but about what I’d expect from hard weight lifting 2-4 days a week. My FTP test is coming up soon so I am anxious to see the results but not expecting any significant improvement from having done predominately weight lifting and less on the bike. All that to say I think your first FTP test after a block of sweet spot will be more telling of your form.

Thanks, sounds like we’re in similar boats…-)

I was very happy with the results from the 6wks to Nats plan last season, so I’m doing my best to stick it out and FTFP.

That is, at least as much as possible, along with running a business 50-60hrs/wk and traveling between east and west coasts…

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