Prepping for cross Nats in December

All, getting ready for an assault on Nationals this December - they’re in my back yard…

37 weeks out - our local series starts at the end of August (less a pair of weekends for the UCI races).

With this as a backdrop (M45+), what plans would you recommend to get ready?

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Hey! thanks for checking in.

Have you checked out our Cyclocross Season Training Plan bundle? It’s five 6 week training plans for the price of four. It’s 30 weeks of training that leads you to feeling prime time for CX nationals. I know you mentioned you have 37 weeks, the 7 weeks you have now could be used for base miles and a few group rides!

-Coach Allie

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Coach Allie, I have a handful (literally) of Frank’s plans… (You guys are on my TP as my “coach”) Just wanted to see how you might set them up…


CX sweet spot plan
Six weeks till cross season
CX intervals
CX race and recover: in-season
Six weeks to peak for CX Nationals

in that order!

Thanks Coach Allie - just think I need to add the CX Nats plan…

Great stuff!