What Should I Do Next?

This may be addressed somewhere on these forums, but I’ll ask again anyway.

I did the 10 week Base+weights to start my off-season training, took a recovery week, and then started SS part 2.

My target race is a really punchy gravel race on 5/6 (54 miles, 6000ft of vert, and the longest climb is 2 miles) and I think my best course of action is to move to the “hilly” gravel plan to finish my preparation, but just wanted to see if there were differing opinions.

The profile looks like a saw (I tried to attach it here).

I appreciate any feedback.

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Yes, when you are six weeks out you should start the hilly gravel plan. So start that plan March 27th. Make sure you do have a rest week before starting this plan as well. It will include a taper into the event with openers so you will be lined up well.

By choosing this plan you will be getting the intensity you need to hit these climbs. That plan will have some good vo2 max and threshold intervals to prepare you for the climbing. On your weekend simulation rides you will want to prepare for punchy climbs like this so hopeful you can pick a similar course for your route where you live. If not you will want to mix in vo2 / shorter threshold efforts throughout your ride.

Good luck!


Awesome, thank you for the advice.