Next training plan

Hello, i just finished the ss1 plan ( which was great! Thanks). I have a couple of gravel races in July that are 50 miles and less, and one in may which is a c race (and will probably be cancelled anyway now).

I plan on doing the ss2 plan next. After that should i do the 6 week road racing intervals or the gravel 6 week plan leading into my races since the gravel races I’m doing are shorter with some road sections. Thanks door your time

Hiya @carvelliaj - you are thinking along the right lines. Sweet Spot Part 3 if you have time.

I am not sure how long the climbs are in your gravel racing but if they are longer than 8 minutes from bottom to top do the Hill Climbing Intervals Plan rather than the Road Racing Intervals plan.

If the climbs are less than 8 minutes you may benefit from Road Intervals plan because its so rich in VO2 work :muscle:

Hope that helps - good luck!

That’s perfect. Thanks a lot Frank for getting back to me so quickly. Love the podcast.


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