11 weeks to Enduance/Gravel Event

Just finishing strength training plan, and have 11 weeks to endurance/gravel event last weekend of April. Delayed start of SS plans due to ~2weeks of cold/flu bug and no training. I have work/travel the second week of March. What plans should I do starting this week SS1 (6weeks), work/travel one week, then SS2 (6 weeks)? Or SS2 (3weeks) then a Gravel-specific plan (3 weeks) leading up to event? Looking to be competitive (mid-pack) finish at event, definitely not going to hang with the winners pack. Thanks in advance and looking forward to FtFP. :slight_smile:

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I would go with our SS1 plan, take your travel week, and then follow it up with our Gravel specific plan. This way you are putting in the time to build up your aerobic state and then from there prepping a little more specifically for the event.

Best of luck at the race!