Mid Season Gravel Plan

I am new to FasCat and recently started the Gravel in season training plan with the anticipation of gaining some much needed race fitness for the Michigan Gravel Race Series. Already seeing some great gains with this plan and consistency. With the plan only being 6 weeks and knowing I can only truly “taper” for a couple races a year, I’m in between events and currently just sticking to the in season training plan. The first A race coming in June and the next in October(roughly 16 weeks). The plan after June is to take a regeneration week, and then what next is the question? Sweet spot until 6 weeks out of the next race in October?

Hey Jeromie!
Familiar with your name - posted you on our instagram not too long ago :wink:
Ideally you would do the gravel plan to be ready for the first race > SS part 4 or climbing plan (first 4 weeks) and then the gravel in season for that last race. You could even do the gravel plan again if you are not planning to have any races close to the one in October.
With that said, what race are you planning to do in October?

Hey Lacey!

Thank you so much for the quick feedback!

Funny thing, that was my identical twin brother on Instagram. LOL. He’s being coached by Jake at this moment, and one of the main reasons I started with FasCat…

I am planning on sticking with the gravel in season plan til the June race. I’ll look into the SS part 4 to get some variety. Since the plan is only 6 weeks, should I just repeat after the 6 weeks and coordinate that with the gravel in season plan to fall on race day?

The October race is the Barry Roubaix. Part of the Michigan Gravel Race Series. Near Grand Rapids, MI.

Thanks again for all your help!

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Ha, now that is ironic. I guess the cycling gene runs in the family!
I misread what you were saying previously. Now I see you have 21 weeks until the October event and 16 weeks until that event after you finish your in season plan.
In that case, I would say after you finish the race do:

  • Climbing Plan
  • SS part 4 (weeks 1-4) - this will end with a rest week
  • Gravel Plan

Hopefully Coach @Jake will be out at that race in October taking pics so we can post some of you too! #twinningiswinning :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

LOL. yeah, pretty ironic for sure.

Thanks for clearing that up for me! I look forward to crushing some goals. I’ll get those plans loaded up on TP and thanks again for the feedback. You guys are the best!

And you don’t mind if I trademark “twinningiswinning” do ya? That’s fantastic

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