Training plan for shorter Gravel Races

Hey FasCats, I’m currently doing the SS plans and loving them. Gearing up for my first season of multiple gravel events. Just a few questions for plan selection:

  1. I have about events per month in April, may, and June. But all are fairly short. Longest 67km…the rest between 20-30. Which plan should I look at for this, and do I really need to do 10k simulation rides :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. how hilly is hilly? I’m in a fairly flat part of Canada (east coast). So there are some climbs but nothing West coast big. The biggest climbing event would be 400m over 25k. Is flat a fine option for me.

  3. maybe I’m not asking a question I should be…fire away.

Thanks everybody

Great question because shorter gravel races are very similar to road races physiologically.

Therefore you want to do plenty of VO2 and anaerobic intervals found in our Road Intervals Plan.

Endurance is still important but you are already sweet spotting so simply jus switch from Base to Race when you finish your sweet spot plan.

The intervals in the road plan also double as ‘power climbing’ work (< 5 minutes) you’ll face in your races.

Hope that helps good luck!

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I see there is a “Road & Crit Interval” plan and also a “Road Racing Plan”? Is there a significant difference between them? I won’t be doing any proper crits, but there is a fun little 8k gravel race I have on my calendar. (We do weird things out here :smile: )


Primary difference is a larger portion of short vo2max work. With what you are doing I would stick to the Road racing plan. :ok_hand:

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Seen the recommendation for the road plan above. I am finishing up sweet spot 4 and will be doing my first gravel race of the season on Saturday 80+ miles. My CTL is relatively high 84. I am planning to do a 4 race gravel series 50 miles per race over six weeks beginning March 6th. I want to maintain a moderate CTL and form to be fresh to race. What would you recommend road plan or in season gravel plan? I raced well in the series last year with CTL in the mid 70’s and form around 12. I maintained this consistently thru the series using combo gravel plan/Spot spot 4.

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@ghamer1 - I would definitely go with the in season gravel plan as that is more fitting for the events you are doing. I would aim to start the plan 2 weeks out so that you finish the plan when you finish that last race.

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Thanks for the feedback.