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Hi Fascats,

I finished 18 weeks of intermediate SS recently and am now on the Intermediate Hill Climbing Intervals plan. I’m starting my third week of it this week.

I have an event in 6 weeks time after this week. The event is 57 km with 1400m of climbing. One climb is approximately 55 min in length. I own a Intermediate Gravel and Hill Climbing plan.

After I finish the 6 week climbing plan, I have 3 weeks still to fill but not sure of what plan to implement after this for the remaining 3 weeks. From reading other threads, the Gravel plan may not be best suited.

I was comtemplating doing only the first 4 weeks of the Hill Climbing plan followed by another plan.

Any suggestions?



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Hey @david.bardi

This event sounds rad! Where is it? Road race? Gravel Race?

If more of a mass start event where you still need to be sharp and work that upper end (even if just for some pace lining) then I would recommend jumping into our Stage race intervals plan.
This will keep the threshold focus you had in the climbing plan, but also incorporate more Vo2 to work to target the upper systems. This will also of course help to boost your “controlled Vo2” which is often very much needed when climbing.
So 4 weeks of the climbing plan and then the stage race intervals plan. :ok_hand:


Thanks for the fast reply @Isaiah. I’ve picked up the plan.

I’m in Australia and the event is gravel.

Diabolicals :rofl: :sob: