Adapting the sweet spot plan

Hi there Fascats

I’m currently on week nine of the advanced 18 week sweet spot plan. In the week I complete the usual 2hr ride on my commute to work (ruck sack and all). I then ride home which is just over an hour and unavoidable. This means I’m stacking up more hours on the plan and more TSS. This hasn’t been a problem but I can see the intensity will increase over the next few weeks and I’m concerned about tiredness. I could reduce some of the time spent riding at the weekend. It I’m assuming those two long session are key to building aerobic endurance. Am I okay to do these extra hours or should I look to reduce elsewhere?

I’m really enjoying the plan and it is working well. I’ve seen my fitness score shoot up in training peaks


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If you have a 2 hour week day training ride you can only do 90 minutes on your commute to work. Guessing it is only around an hour trip as that is what it is on the way home? Then your ride home doesn’t need to be zone 2. It could just be easy zone 1 where you are not accumulating too much training stress.

With the higher intense intervals you will want to be fresh doing them. Fortunately that those come after rest days which should help. Hopefully you are not commuting on your rest days. 2 hours would be way too much riding on a rest day.

You do want to keep some weekend rides long, especially if your goal event is endurance based. I.e over 4 hours in length.

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Thanks Jake, I tend to do whatever length of training ride is required in the morning be it 80 or 120 mins. I will just ride in zone 1 on the way home though as suggested. That will probably be 75 mins at that speed. Your reply is appreciated

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