New 16 wk Sweetspot Training plan indoors?

Hi, new to FasCat and also more or less new to serious training/programming for road biking. I bought the new 16 wk SS plan with the main goal to shed some pounds through the winter (also bought the weight loss meal plan…) and maybe if all things work according to my expectations do my first race around mid 2022. My main question is if the majority of the plan, yes unfortunately also the long weekend rides, can be done with Zwift? I know that it works technically but obviously it’s a very different stressor than riding outdoors. So will it be less effective for my main goals? I’m based in Finland so weather, temperature and actually icy roads to really deep snow are somewhat of an issue.
Thanks in advance!


Hey Josh,

The big hang-up for most people with doing their training indoors is the mental fortitude to spend that long on the indoor trainer!

However, some people don’t mind, and if you fall into that category, then yes, you can definitely follow the 16 weeks of SS plan indoors (and it’ll make you fast!). It won’t be any less effective, as long as you have some time to get re-accustomed to outside riding in the spring before any big goals.

I did the 18 weeks of Sweetspot indoors last year and gave some thoughts when I completed the plan.

For sweet spot rides, I usually didn’t have a good group ride that fit schedule, so I’d pick hilly Zwift courses and do sweet spot on the climbs, Z2 during rest and hit my TSS goals.